About ShellToe Soul

ShellToe Soul is a weekly old school and independent Hip-Hop show, currently residing on Solar Radio. Hosted by Marc Seven and bi weekly co-hosted by DJ Shredded Pete.

Starting life on the legendary London pirate station Itch Fm around 2001 as the Prime Time ’89 show, then moving as the Basement show to our current home on Solar radio.

Aimed at the 80’s hip hop generation we play classics from those times and new stuff just to disprove the theory that “its not as good as it used to be” –  it is, and we’ve got proof.

We are committed to playing Hip Hop, its roots and branches. So though mainly Hip hop expect funk, breaks, electronica, Ignunt Classics, soul and everything else a Shell Toe Soul can appreciate.

You can Listen in on Tuesday Nights 12-2AM GMT (19.00 NY / 16.00 LA) On Solar Radio (Sky 0129 Across Europe) http://www.solarradio.com across the world.

Keep coming back to keep up.


7 Responses to About ShellToe Soul

  1. Wicked show mate… if you get chance you should check out http://www.discoscratch.co.uk it has a weekly 2hr show on sensei.fm every Thursday 9-11pm, all about the old school hip hop scene with a heavy focus on UK stuff.

  2. Dave vetzzz says:

    just found you guys and best of 2010…AWESOME mate,awesome..real good tmes rap.
    much respect
    uk zulu nation.

  3. Don't Bite Records says:

    want to get a promo copy of this to you. What is the adress?
    Don’t Bite Records

  4. Kam Parmar says:

    Big up ive been listenin and recorded ure shows 4 a while know glad 2 hear sum real hiphop gettin spun on tha radio , repect 4 keepin tha flame lit bro, im part ov a u.k group called mwm (manzwidmoralz) n we jus finished our debut album moralmail which took a few yearz 2 complete but im happy 2 say is out now and i want 2 send u copy n would love sum feedback because you play tha hiphop that should b heard! Nuff said keep up tha good work bro peeaace. Kiprok

  5. Kid Tsunami says:

    yo ive been following you on mixcloud for a minute now… thanks for playing my music too…. would love your contact details… please email me to the email i’ve provided

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