Baby making Voodoo and the Soulquarians

There has been some noise about it being 17 years last month since the release of Voodoo by D’angelo. Not sure why 17 is significant aside from making us all feel old. But this tweet by Phonte (of Little Brother fame) and J-live (of J Live fame) seemed to say it all.

Below that a short animated film about the production group to end all  The Soulquarians.




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New Cut of the Paul C Doc, With New Interviews

If you are any sort of familiar with ShellToe Soul you should already know Paul C’s work. But this amazing labour of love from Pritt Kalsi paints a full picture of what was just a name in the shadows for most of us.

Solid gold learning right here for free.

Shout to Ryan P for spreading the word on this.

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30 Years Strong


It is difficult to convey how important this record is to me, many tout the more sophisticated Nations as the pinnacle of PE, but for me the raw blunt and plain speaking Yo will take priority. Here is a pretty great article on how it all came about

OkayPlayer – The Secret History of Public Enemy’s ‘Yo! Bum Rush the Show’

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It was her Birthday Yesterday, but she came with the gifts

By name and by nature here is the video for the Debut single from Tiff The Gift’s upcoming LP “It Gets Greater Later” coming this June on Don’t Sleep Records

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Watch out: heat coming

Long time friend of the show Jake G is getting close to releasing his collaboration project with Bubblewild “Honest Expression LP”

He has been sampling bits of the project on you tube with Raw studio footage as visuals.

Here are all three for your enjoyment.

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When Rappers Do it for Fun

Say what you like about the the VH1 Hip hop honours, sometimes the artist paying tribute look like they’re back in-front of the bathroom mirror. These are two of my favourite might have posted the Beasties one before

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YC The Cynic Changes Name To Kemba and Releases Compilation

Changing your rap name is as hip hop as grabbing your crotch, and to add to the list of changers we have Shelltoesoul favorite YC The Cynic, a name right up there with Shortbus and GhettoSocks. Still, it represents an evolution in the artist, Kemba, as he is now known, has been hard at work on a new album with Frank Drake for two and a half years, almost ready to release, hopefully still the fresh original content that we came to love of the now departed YC that gave us the amazing HVNLY. As a tribute to the old moniker he has released The Farewell Tape which you can hear by clicking on the graphic below.




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